Areas of Practice

Business Planning

Running a business can be exciting, rewarding, and stressful.  Our firm provides comprehensive legal advice at all stages of a company's lifecycle so that business owners can focus on achieving their vision.

Commercial Real Estate

Our firm not only routinely represents real estate investors who are buying or selling property, but also landlords and tenants.  Whether you are looking to sell your property or renegotiate a lease, our firm can help navigate the legal issues that arise in the course of a real estate transaction.

Estate Planning

Our firm specializes in drafting effective and economical estate plans for a wide variety of clients.  Not every client needs the same estate plan, so let our firm assist by providing you with a customized estate plan.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are desiring to buy or sell a business, merge with another company, or participate in a joint venture, our firm will assist you in navigating the complexities of these transactions.

Trust and Probate Administration

Our firm provides specialized, trustworthy, and experienced service to clients who are administering a loved one's estate.  

Tax Planning

Marriage, divorce, having a baby, purchasing a business, or selling a piece of land all come with tax-related issues.  When forced with a large decision, or when life happens, do not hesitate to contact our firm so that we can help you make an informed, tax-conscious decision.